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Library Coding: Videos

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Youth Tedx Talks Coding

Youth Tedx Talks

The following video links were posted on YouTube and are copyright under YouTube Standard YouTube License.

Youth Tedx Talks

Coding As Empowerment | Chris Bolton | TEDxYouth@Granville
In this rapidly developing technological world we live in today, there are as many hidden dangers as there are hidden gems. Through sharing a personal story of how he became interested in technology and software development, Chris Bolton teaches youth the importance of understanding coding how it can be used to innovate.

The Art of Code | Zach Latta | TEDxYouth@Tallinn
"I believe, if we continue down the path we're currently on, yes, we can teach every young person to code. But I also think, that we're going to teach them that coding is something that's learned through memorization and that coding is something where there's one right answer." Zach offers a new perspective.

Youth Tedx Talks

The Right Way to Learn Code | Brian Underwood, Max Ptacek & Ben Makarechian | TEDxYouth@SHC
Ben Makarechian, Brian Underwood, and Max Ptacek tell the story of their experiences trying to create a virtual reality dodgeball game with little knowledge of computer code. They share the methods they used to teach themselves coding so students around the world can learn on their own.

Three myths about coding, busted! | Kenneth Alvares | TEDxSunshineWorldwideSchool
The speaker talks about how Coders or the coding community has been misrepresented & misunderstood in the world. He moves on to debunk 3 common myths about coders and makes a compelling argument as to why coding is important and that everyone must code! A self-taught developer and designer who learned coding languages using YouTube and other resources on the internet. Soon after high school, at the age of 18, he began freelancing as a Full Stack Marketer, handling the online presence of his clients by developing websites, devising blogging strategies, handling social media management, implementing SEO strategies and more. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

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