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Library Coding: Welcome

Interested in learning about coding? Come to one of our open coding club to tackle learning coding using our free coding platform

Library Coding Club

laptop computersOur Youth Service Librarian is proud to offer teens the chance to learn how to code. This new program is designed to teach teens how to work together in a collaborative environment that will foster their creativity while at the same time, having fun learning about coding.

This program is more than just learning website design; it is a chance for teens to learn life lessons in the process. We invite you to put your creative cap on and learn how to build a better world through coding at the Dickinson Public Library.

Club Hour of Code

1st and 3rd saturday coding at 12:30pmJoin us this Spring 1st and 3rd Saturdays at 12:30 pm for open Code Club, place where interested teens 7-12th grade can come and learn how to code. Our Teen Librarian will help the teen get started and using coding software that is available outside the library.

Coding Software Using

Coders will be using software (, which will require creating a FREE account. Teens will also have access to Scratch, another open software, but need a free account as well.

Signing Up for Club

If you are interested in being part of our Code Club, join us at any one of our coding workshop that held every 1st and 3rd Saturday at 12:30 pm. If you have any questions about the club, you can talk to our IT/ Youth Librarian at the Dickinson Public Library.

Check out our Teen Calendar of Upcoming Events for date and times.