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Curbside Services: What to Know

Dickinson Public Library Library is offering Curbside Service during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Help guide for Patron.

curbside service for library

Using Library Curbside Services

Procedure for Curbside Services

  • Monday-Friday from 10:00 am- 4:30 pm
  • Reserve the book online, in our catalog, or call the library, and we can assist you over the phone. We will be limiting check-outs to 10 items per library card.
  • Please give our staff a one-hour window to pull and process the books before heading to the library for pick-up. Please be aware the item you place on reserve will be checked out to your library card once we have pulled them for pickup.
  • You have 5 days to come and pick them up after you place them on reserve. If item are not picked up in 5 days then they will checked back in for circulation.
  • When you arrive at the library to pick up your materials, please call the library at 281-534-3812, give us your name along with a description of your vehicle, and a staff member will bring the items out to you. We ask that you park in the front of the library building so we can quickly locate your vehicle.
  • The library is following American Library Association guidelines and quarantining the books for 72 hours before handling them and checking them back into the library collection. Along with quarantining the books, we are also sanitizing them as well. We are striving to make this service as safe as we can for both staff and the community until the library can open back up to full functionality.

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